Jordan, Oman, Emirates, Qatar and West Bank

We are partnering with Hijazmed to distribute the first-in-class fertility products of our client Fertypharm from Barcelona in Spain.

  • Fertypharm is the first Spanish company exclusively focused in fertility.
  • FertyBiotic range of food supplements is the first at fertility and pregnancy processes including probiotics in its formula.
  • We guarantee the highest standards in the selection of active ingredients, as well as meeting the strictest GMP manufacturing norms.
  • The combination of probiotics together with antioxidants, vitamins and supplements is unique in the market. Fertybiotic man, Fertybioptic woman and Fertybiotic pregnancy are the first patented and registered products with this special formula.
  • 3 products in the market and 1 in late stage of development:

o   Fertybiotic Woman: It is the first supplement that combines ovulation modulators, antioxidants and probiotics to favor the reproductive processes in women. Demonstrated highly effective in PCOS and diabetic patients.

o   Fertybiotic Man: The first supplement to favor male fertility that features powerful antioxidants together with the beneficial effects of probiotics.

o   Fertybiotic Pregnancy: The first food supplement which provides the required nutrients next to a selection of probiotics during preconception, pregnancy and lactation.