Viho range of products

Oncology side effects are mismanaged and there is a real need of specialised products to help these patients. Until now they are using cosmetic based products.

Through Viho, we are offering a range of Medical Devices and food supplements based in medical studies and developed with oncologist to fulfil this gap in the market.

Just a brief overview of our range of products:

Chemofoot is a medical device in form of cream to treat Hand foot syndrome

Ginsix is a food supplement intended to relieve anticipatory nausea and vomiting (ANV) and chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting (CINV)

Redian is a medical device I form of spray / gel to relieve the effect of radiotherapy

Xeriho is a medical device in form of coating gel to protect the oral cavity and relieve xerostomia

Lipsiho is a balm for moisturizing, softening, and nourishing of damaged and dry lips due oncology treatments.

Gyniho is a medical device to provide a solution to the vaginal dryness associated with hormonal changes in all stages of a woman’s life, especially those caused by chemo and radiotherapy.